Monday, November 28, 2011

Fried Turkey

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since I was in Louisiana for Thanksgiving, we had the traditional fried turkey. I thought you guys might like to see how that is done!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving feast

On Friday, we had a feast to celebrate our learning about the first Thanksgiving. The kids invited their families and everyone brought food to share. We even had a big turkey to carve! We sat on the ground just like the Pilgrims and Native Americans did. We had so much good food- thank you to everyone who made this fun event possible!

Making butter

This week, while learning about the Pilgrims, we made butter. We got cream (we did not milk a cow to get it though), put it in a jar, and shook it for a long time. Eventually the molecules in the cream began to stick together and we had butter and buttermilk. We put the butter on crackers and it was so good!

Fun with Tracy Porter

One morning a student brought in a mini New Orleans SAINTS helmet that she found in her room. Of course we wanted to try to put it on the hamster, Tracy Porter (who still has 2 bottoms, cauliflower ears, and is losing hair). He scurried around the table while we tried to put the helmet on him. Eventually he ran right off the table (poor guy) so we put him away.

A limo ride...

A student in our class won a limo ride! He had a blast and said that he heard someone talk about the SAINTS and saw a Broncos flag. As soon as he arrived back in the classroom the kids gave him a big hug and were so excited to hear all of his stories!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weight and Measurement

Last week in math we learned about weight and measurement. We used a scale and compared objects in our room. We used words such as lighter and heavier. My question is...which is heavier? Ms. Baker OR 4 kindergartners?!

Native Americans

This week we learned about the Native Americans. We were reminded that Columbus called them Indians because he thought they were in the Indes. Some people now call them American Indians while others say Native Americans since they were the first people in our country. We had a decision maker decide that our class will say Native Americans. He made his decision by asking other people what they thought. His reasoning at the end was that we should not use the word Indians because Columbus was wrong.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Candy for Kohl

WOW! You guys sent in so much candy to send to Kohl in Afghanistan. It is on its way and he will be so excited!

Our performance

I have learned from past experience that the videos from the multipurpose room do not always come out with the best sound. So, here is our "dress rehearsal" before performing our song in the assembly. The kids did an AMAZING job. They are superstars!

Trying to get some ice cream from Mr.Ingram

Since Mr. Ingram's class won both the ice cream party AND the swimming party from our school fundraiser, we have decided that it would be best to "butter him up" so that maybe he would share some of the ice cream with us! The kids have been stopping him in the hall to say nice things, giving him treats, singing to him in the cafeteria, and singing to him in our classroom! He doesn't stand a chance against us!


We turned our classroom into an ocean this week. We had a decision maker decide which ocean for our class to be (he chose the Atlantic Ocean) and we made sea creatures to hang from the ceiling, Rainbow Fish to hang on the walls, and little mini oceans to sit on top of the cubbies. We also got to dance to songs from The Little Mermaid since they are about the ocean!