Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meet Marques Colston and Lance Moore

Last week, our beloved class pet, Tracy Porter, died. We were very sad. We sent him home with Ms. Michelle who buried him on her farm. We have two new class pets now (thanks to Ms. Michelle)...guinea pigs. They are named Lance Moore and Marques Colston after two great offensive players for the SAINTS. The great thing about these guys is that we can take them out of their cage and they will just sit there while we pet them. I am sure that we will love them just as much as Tracy Porter!

Hat Day

Since we sold over 750 books at our school book fair, we got to have a hat day on Friday!

Gingerbread Man

Last Wednesday we read the story of the Gingerbread Man. One of our students made gingerbread men cookies for us but when we went to eat them, we discovered they had run away. Mr. Ingram said that they ran through his room and threw paper everywhere, Mrs. Box and Ms. Chapman said they ran through the office and pointed us in the right direction. Mrs. Zinck, Coach Phillips, Mrs. Hessel, and Mrs. Vatsa all said they would keep an eye out for us. Mr. Stevens and the middle schoolers said that they came upstairs but then ran downstairs. Finally we found them in our third grade buddies' classroom and we were able to share cookies with them!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Hockey Game

Getting ready to go out on the ice:

This is where we got to go out on the ice before anyone arrived and check the microphones and practice our song:

After our practice, we got to hang out "backstage" and color and eat!

Getting ready to go on! We were all so nervous until we spotted the high school color guard. A student said, "Look! It's Veteran's who came home from the war to see us sing the National Anthem." After that everyone was in their place and ready to go (before that we had some kiddos who thought they might want to sit out!):

The first thing we saw when we walked out onto the ice was the back of the goalie. I thought it was super cool!

Our performance..they were ROCKSTARS! I loved when the crowd began to cheer about 3/4 of the way in and the kids just stopped singing, looked at Shawn for affirmation, then started up again. I also loved when they spotted themselves on the jumbotron and some pumped their fists into the air! My absolute favorite part though was afterwards when they couldn't stop smiling!

It was a bonus that we got to see a hockey game (that went into overtime, then a shoot-out, then a sudden death shoot-out!) It was a bummer we lost!

Here is the video of our practice. I can't figure out how to get Mrs. Box's video from facebook onto here. You can see her video if you log onto facebook and find the Imagine Charter Academy official page. It is so cute!

Frederick Tree Lighting

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold to come to the Frederick Tree Lighting! It was fun to get together on a snowy night and do something for our town!