Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun with magnets!

Mardi Gras

Above: The Queen of Mardi Gras (she got the baby in the King Cake!)

We learned about Mardi Gras last week on Fat Tuesday. We caught beads, ate King Cake (the person who got the baby got to be king or queen for the day), made masks, and learned about the history of the holiday. We even read a story that the author had signed and wrote a note to this class!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Tea Party

What a wonderful tea party we had for Valentine's day. The kids all set their "table" beautifully and used great manners while eating their finger foods and drinking their tea. We also had a great time passing out valentine's and doing a heart craft. My favorite part was how beautiful and handsome everyone looked all dressed up! Thanks to everyone who made this party so perfect!

The Queen of England Visits

A couple of notes I received:

You are the best queen from England. From Xander. I like the queen from England.

In England, at 5AM the queen awokened. (From Hayden)

My ladies in waiting! They even carried my shoes!

We learned about the Queen of England on Monday! She taught us how to have tea party manners as well as a little about her life in England! We also learned about her ladies in waiting and the Scotland Yard. Your Royal Heinous Ms. Baker has her own ladies in waiting and guards and they did a fabulous job. They made sure that nobody touched the queen! The kids were most interested in how I got across the ocean to see them as well as if I still liked their country since the USA beat England in the war!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fancy Nancy

I got to be Fancy Nancy at a kid's store in Longmont! I read and helped make wands and cookies! Some kids from our class came and it was great to see you all there!


Mr. Shawn brought in the dBox puzzle again on Friday and the kids had a blast trying to master the challenges that were presented to them. It is such a fun and challenging puzzle (even I get stumped on the challenges and I have not even attempted the hard ones!)

Award winning artists

In kindergarten, we were tasked by the character council to illustrate the saying, The early bird gets the worm. It was a hard concept but the kids did great. We had 4 winners from our class who will then have their posters submitted to judging where 1 poster from all 4 kindergarten classes will be selected. Good luck Ms. Baker's class!

Superbowl Predictions

Before the wild card playoff game started, our class predicted who would be in the Superbowl. Most of us really wanted the SAINTS vs. the Broncos (though I must say I am a little relieved that didn't happen!) One student even predicted exactly who would play (and later who would win!) Way to go, Ari!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

100th day of school

Our class:

Writing numbers 1-100:

Working hard:

Some 100's day projects:

Bubbles and Balloons:

Here are the kids who completed a 100's chart:

We were supposed to celebrate our 100th day of school on Friday, but due to a snow day, we celebrated on Monday. We had bubbles, balloons, buttons, activity books, necklaces with 100 beads, snack bags with 100 snacks, a 100's chart, and 100th day projects. The kids are masters at counting to 100 now and we had a great day celebrating!