Sunday, January 29, 2012


On Friday, a group called the Skip-Its came and performed for our school. Middle school-high school kids did all sorts of jump rope tricks for us. For one trick they needed a volunteer and a student in our class got picked. He did awesome and the whole crowd was chanting his name. It was a lot of fun!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My sign

The kids wanted me to put up the picture of my sign from the LSU game!

We are writers

We have a class full of fabulous writers. Here are some who wanted to be photographed with their board saying why they like school!

I like school because I like P.E.

My favorite thing is my teacher.

I like the Saints and LSU and my teacher does too.

My favorite thing is my teacher and I love her.

Wright Brothers

We have been learning about the Wright Brothers in kindergarten! We learned that their first plane flew for 12 seconds and went 120 feet. We got with our 3rd grade buddies and tried to run for 12 seconds to see how far we could get (very close to 120 feet) then we ran 120 feet to see how long it took us (the average was 20 seconds). We decided that the first flight did not go very far!

We also worked this week on making paper airplanes. The kids would make one then if it didn't fly very well, they would work to change it. This is how the Wright Brothers invented their plane. They didn't get it right the first time but they kept trying.


Here is our "dress rehearsal" for our Snowball reading that we did in the assembly last week. Sorry the sound and quality are lacking! The kids were super cute though and everyone remembered their lines!

Banana Snowmen

Last week we got to make banana snowmen in cooking club! The kids made their snowmen, ate their snowmen, then ate every last piece of food on the table (and this was only 1 hour after lunch time!!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The GAME(s)

The kids wanted to see some pictures from my weekend of football so here they are (just a little out of order!)

Inside waiting for kickoff:

My family before the game:

My sister and I:

Shawn and I (with the Superdome...where the SAINTS play...behind us!):

I got to participate in the Allstate touchdown dance competition. I was a semi-finalist but lost to this kid!:

Shawn was in the Allstate field goal kicking competition:

At the SAINTS game (they WON!):

The rivalry

With the BCS National Championship game coming up, a rivalry between our class (Go LSU TIGERS) and Mr. Ingram's class (Alabama) broke out. First Mr. Ingram wrote on our door:

So we decorated his with hand made signs:

He got us back by decorating our door:

So we hung a picture above his door saying that he loved LSU:

After LSU lost the game, Mr. Ingram decorated our room with Alabama red:

Mr. Ingram had Mrs. Box give us a message on the morning announcements. It said "Roll Tide Ms. Baker's class." We got him back with this:

Class Holiday Party

Back in December, we had a wonderful class holiday party. We got to wear our pajamas, make snowmen with our picture in it, have treats, and do a book swap. We also made stockings that our elf friend, Elfitty Elf Elf on the Elf hung up and put a treat in for us!!