Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank you

Thank you all so much for a wonderful year!  I will keep the blog updated with some exciting travels!  Have a great summer everyone!

Hat and Flip Flop Day

Glam Girls!

The girls of kindergarten in their hats!

The boys of kindergarten in their hats!

Since it was the next to last day of school, the boys wanted to practice throwing their hats graduation style!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Field Day

Baseball throw...we have some kids with really good arms!

Shoe kick...this is always a kindergarten favorite.  I participated with them but the said I was "DQ'd" because my shoe went too far!

Bouncy house obstacle course...we got to do this one a lot and it was awesome!

Plunger race...this one was hard but fun!

Hanging out waiting for the next event!

It was so hot so we used our water to cool ourselves off!

The indoor obstacle course let us use scooters, balance beams, hurdles, and the rock wall!

I think the truck pull was the favorite (well, until the firefighters came!)

Tug of war...boys vs. girls!

We ended our day being hosed down by firefighters!  It was AWESOME!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kindergarten college days

Back in January I e-mailed everyone to get the name of the college they went to, or the name of a college they support.  I e-mailed all of those colleges and asked for them to send some goodies to our class to get the kindergartners excited about going to college.  Some school sent stuff for all of the kids, others sent a few items that we used as prizes, and some did not respond.  Most colleges wrote wonderful notes saying how they love getting kids so young excited about college.  One school though wrote, "We do not give things out to children so young!"  We started our day with a book about LSU (sorry...I couldn't resist) Then we did our end of the year writing assessment trying to make no mistakes so one day when we wrote our college admission essay we would know that we have been practicing writing for a long time and we are good at it!  The kids wrote furiously for 20 minutes and it was AWESOME!  They were supposed to write what they would do for the summer.  When they were done, one kids said "Oh no, we were supposed to write about the summer?  I wrote about college."  "No problem" I said.  The point was that we were writing.  He wrote (sorry I don't have his paper in front of me to did the actual spelling), "I will go to Louisiana for college.  I will have fun and visit Ms. Baker's family."  Another kid wrote, "I will go to first grade and then one day college.  What will I do there?  I don't know."  How awesome are these kids!?  Each kid got to pick a college prize for their writing then we ended the day with a college word find made by our 3rd grade buddies, pictures of college, and a college goodie bag!  What a fun day!

Kindergarten Science Days

We exploded diet coke using mentos.  We also tried other things: marshmallows, cheerios, M&M's, twizzlers, and goldfish.  Twizzlers made the diet coke bubble a lot and mentos made it explode.  Our conclusion was, "Never drink diet coke and eat mentos or twizzlers!" (Sorry the video is sideways...lesson learned!)

The Mad Scientist for the day!

We raced cars with balloons to see which direction they would go and how adding or taking away air changed how the moved!

We ended the day with the kids getting to be Mad Scientists themselves.  We made Oobleck..both a solid and a liquid and tried to figure out how that happened!
To learn the scientific method, we spent a day doing science experiments.  The sientific method is: 1. Question, 2. Hypothesis, 3. Experiment, 4. Observations, 5. Results, 6. Conclusion.  We went through all 6 steps with each experiment and had a blast while learning a lot!