Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kindergarten Science Days

We exploded diet coke using mentos.  We also tried other things: marshmallows, cheerios, M&M's, twizzlers, and goldfish.  Twizzlers made the diet coke bubble a lot and mentos made it explode.  Our conclusion was, "Never drink diet coke and eat mentos or twizzlers!" (Sorry the video is sideways...lesson learned!)

The Mad Scientist for the day!

We raced cars with balloons to see which direction they would go and how adding or taking away air changed how the moved!

We ended the day with the kids getting to be Mad Scientists themselves.  We made Oobleck..both a solid and a liquid and tried to figure out how that happened!
To learn the scientific method, we spent a day doing science experiments.  The sientific method is: 1. Question, 2. Hypothesis, 3. Experiment, 4. Observations, 5. Results, 6. Conclusion.  We went through all 6 steps with each experiment and had a blast while learning a lot!

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