Saturday, June 23, 2012

Japanese food

We ate at a place called the "pupu kitchen"!  It was really good!

We also ate at the home of a Japanese family.  I tried vegetarian sushi and did not like it so much (I know most of you like it!)  I also tried fried pumpkin and it was SO good!

I am not so good with chopsticks!
As most of you know, I am a very picky eater and don't often try new things I think I won't like.  Well, I decided that in Japan (well actually anywhere I travel) I will try the local flavors.  So far so good here in Japan!  I have liked more things than not!  The first videos are things I did not like.  These sticky rice balls in a sugar soy sauce.  I am not sure if you can here it but you can see my reaction then Audrey's!The next video is me trying to use chopsticks (pretty unsuccessfully!)  The last video is Shawn demonstrating how to eat noodles in Japan.  They are cold and you dip them in a sauce and slurp them!  I was not so good at it because I didn't really care for the sauce so my noodles were not slippery enough to slurp!


  1. Terry says bring the race car home but not the food! Haha!

  2. I am not sure about sticky rice balls. And, I definitely do not like sushi. But, I do like noodles. And, I would be so excited to slurp! Do you think we can make slurping acceptable here? See if you can work on that. And, blowing bubbles in milk. I want to do that, too. And, I am sorry you cannot use chopsticks. It's that fine motor skill thing, isn't it? (I can't do it either, my 7 year old Chloe is a pro at chopsticks!)

  3. I went back to the Pupu kitchen again it was so yummy! And reading this made me want to eat mitarashi dango NOW!!