Friday, September 23, 2011

Applesauce Day

We made applesauce! Well, actually it was more like warm chunky apples but the kids loved it! We made invitations and sent them out to our specials teachers, administrators, and office staff. Ms. Chapman, Mrs. Zinck, and Mr. DeGonzague all came down and tried some with us. We chopped apples, put them in a crock pot, added cinnamon and let them cook. While we were waiting, we illustrated a book then read it to our group. Eating was the fun part though and come kids had 4 helpings! We then snuck down to our third grade buddies' room and delivered some to them (along with an embossed apple) while they were out! We made applesauce to finish our learning about Johnny Appleseed who would give apple seeds away to people as they moved west in order to have a nation full of apple orchards. He lived in the wilderness and ate "mush" that he would cook from whatever he could find. Sometimes the "mush" was cooked apples...we now call it applesauce!

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