Sunday, September 11, 2011


To learn about Australia, we had a wonderful discussion about the fact that the continent Australia contains the countries of Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. There is a movement (and some places have already done this) to change the name of the continent to Oceania. We wrote a letter to the prime minister of Australia to let her know our thoughts. Here is the letter:

Dear Prime Minister Gillard,
We are learning about Australia right now both the country and the continent. We read a book saying that some people want to change the name of the continent to Oceania. Most of our kindergarten class at Imagine Charter School agrees. We think it would be more fair to the people of Fiji and New Zealand. We think that everyone would be happier because 2 countries want the name to be Oceania. And everyone in the whole world would like to live there much better.
If you don't change it, that is ok too because some of us want the name to stay Australia since it is already like that on the maps and globes. But Ms. Baker says that some maps already say Oceania on them. We have not seen one though. Have you? What do you think the name should be?
We hope you have a great day and a great weekend.
Ms. Baker's kindergarten class
P.S. We have been listening to Waltzing Matilda and really like it.

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