Monday, September 12, 2011

North Pole and Antarctica

On Friday, we learned a little bit about the North Pole. Today we continued our North Pole learnings as well as learned about the coldest continent, Antarctica (also called the South Pole). We read a story about the animals at the North Pole and how they are in danger because of different things. One of the things that it talked about was the Arctic pipeline. We had a wonderful discussion as to what the kids thought about it. If they thought it was good there they had to say what we should do with the animals. If they thought we should not have it there, they had to say how we will get oil for our cars and houses. Here are some of their answers:
James- Keep the pipeline and move all of the animals to a place where there are not already a lot of animals
Luke- Keep the pipeline and move the animals away
Jimmy- Keep the pipeline on one side and the animals on the other
Seth- move the pipeline underwater
Victor- we have to keep the pipeline because we need the oil for our cars and to go on longer trips on airplanes. Maybe we can move the animals underwater!
Miranda- Can't we just move the pipes to Antarctica since there is not much there? Or just send this problem to Santa. He is already up there and he can fix it!
Ari- Let's move the pipeline to Asia but not to Tokyo.
Megan- Keep the pipeline on one side of the North Pole and have the animals go to the other.
Isabel- Move the pipe to Antarctica
Kelsey- Move the pipe away but I am not sure where
Hayden- We don't need the pipeline at all. People can ride horses instead of using cars.
Xander- Take the pipeline away from the North Pole and move it to a different state so I can still get gas because I need it. We could use a gas needle to find gas somewhere in Asia.

What an insightful group we have!

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