Sunday, April 22, 2012


The other day I went to Michaels and purchased 10 large bags of Polyfil.  Of course this elicited lots of stares and questions as to why I needed with so much Polyfil.  My answer to everyone was "I am doing a sewing project with my kindergartners."  You would not have believed the looks of pity and concern I got.  One lady who was kind enough to help me pick up all of the Polyfil as it was blowing out of my basket and into the parking lot because of the wind said, "Oh, you must be a new teacher.  This will be your first and last sewing project I guarantee it."  Boy were they ever wrong.  The kids did an AWESOME job sewing.  I had a basket full of all kinds of fabric squares and the kids got to pick the 2 they wanted.  We learned all about the sewing machine and how to use it and the kids went to town.  Everybody's pillow turned out awesome and everyone had such a fun job doing it.  I will DEFINITELY be sewing with the kindergartners in the future!

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