Sunday, April 22, 2012

Task Force

The other day we did some very cute Earth day pictures.  My idea was that they would hang in the classroom replacing the flags that had been up for a while.  Another student wanted them to hang up in the hallway though.  So...we decided to make this a great lesson in Shared Values which is an Imagine Schools philosophy.  One of the shared values is fun which says that in an organization it is important for everyone to have ownership and everyone to make decisions.  We have a decision maker board in our class and each kid has had a chance to make a decision this year but this time we took it a step further.  If something needs to be decided in our school, we form a task force that has a leader who chooses the decision maker and they talk amongst themselves about the decision and the decision maker seeks advice from others as well.  With guidance, the child who had a differing idea than me formed a task force and  appointed a decision maker who came to the decision that we should hang our pictures in the hallway so more people could see them.  It was awesome to see this shared value in action with the kindergartners!

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