Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun Times in Tokyo!

Every morning in Tokyo there is a fish market where all of the fishermen bring their fresh fish and restaurants come and by them to make for their customers.  Mr. Shawn really wanted to go to the market so he got up really early (Audrey and I slept) and went down there.  Apparently they do not like tourists there so he got kicked out 3 times!!  He did manage to buy some fish straight off the boat so it was super fresh then he ate it raw!!

There is a big temple right in the middle of Tokyo.  When we went there, there were 2 wedding going on!  This is how people in Japan dress for their wedding.  Pretty cool, huh!

This is the electronics district in Tokyo. I wish you could hear it.  There are tons of people talking as well as buildings that make noises and sounds like video games!

I really liked this donut shop!  People in Japan like really "cutesy" things so the stores are often very colorful! 

This is us arriving in Tokyo!  We just flew in from Korea where it was cool for the men to wear glasses without lenses!  Mr. Shawn is wearing my glasses because when we were at the Korean border, my lens fell out of my glasses and down a hole.  Since there were people with guns everywhere I decided it would be best if I did not stop and try to dig them out!  So, Shawn got to wear them and be cool!
Tokyo pies!  I got to wear the tu-tu Audery gave me in Tokyo and i fit right in!

This is a famous intersection in Tokyo where everyone gets to cross the street at the same time from all directions.  It is SO busy but it was fun!

Ok, this is probably the most interesting thing in Tokyo.  We stayed for 2 nights at a capsule hotel.  Basically all it is a tunnel you crawl in to sleep.  The little doors are the openings to the capsule.  Girls are not allowed to stay in the capsules though so Shawn and I had to stay in a 2 person room on the top floor (it was not much bigger than the capsules though!)  I was not even allowed to be on the floor so when I was in the elevator I pushed the floor number for it and when the door opened up I took a quick picture!!

Fun street with a view of the sky tree (they are trying to make the sky tree a famous structure like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty.  It just opened a couple of months ago though so not many people have seen it!)

There is a Disney World in Tokyo but we did not go.  I took a picture by the sign though!

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