Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trying on clothes in Japan

So trying on clothes in Japan is different than at home.  First of all, everyone must take off their shoes to go into a dressing room.  But you don't just take them off and walk in the dressing room (like I did).  You turn around, take them off and walk backwards into the room.  That way when you are done your shoes are facing the right way to slip them back on.  Then, if you are trying on anything that goes over your head, you have to put on a head covering.  I took a picture of me with my head covering and didn't learn until the end of the trip that I was wearing it backwards.  It is supposed to cover your entire face too!  The final thing that made trying on clothes fun for me is that they all fit!  Japanese people are a little bit shorter so their clothes were perfect for me (but not for Audrey because she is too tall!)

1 comment:

  1. haha, you totally look like a nun in the one with the face and hair cover on.
    You should have bought that dress - so cute!