Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome to Korea Folks!

Our flight to Korea from Osaka, Japan was only 2 hours which was great since it feels like yesterday that we were on the 14 hour flight to Japan from the US!  Our plane was super fun too with fun pictures by all of the seats and the ceiling was painted with a sky and clouds!  They even served us tangerine juice!

We arrived in Seoul, Korea!

Korea is not like Japan at all.  There is a lot of stuff on the streets in Korea but not in Japan.  This was a whole pile of vegetables on the street that a couple of ladies were peeling!

This lady was peeling green beans by herself right in the middle of town.  I wonder if those are the same green beans we buy in the grocery store?

We had to walk a long way with our luggage so we took a little rest stop by this Korean food place!

Each street in Seoul was full of small shops.  There was even an entire outdoor shop for tape!

Kimchi (fermented cabbage) is something that everyone in Korea eats with every meal.  I tried it our first day there and it was.....interesting!
To get to the place that we were staying, we had to walk through busy streets where we were told to not take any food sample from anyone under any circumstances.  Then we had to climb up a big hill down a stinky alley.  We were a little scared when we got there but the place was great!

Haechi is a mythical dragon/lion creature in Korea that is said to protect you.  There are little Haechi statues everywhere.

The statue here is the guy who started the Korean language.  Before him, the people of Korea spoke Chinese.  Behind him is the emperor's palace.  Korea is no longer ruled by an emperor they have a president.
The "Blue House" in the background is where the president lives.  While were were there, the president and all of his bodyguards drove by in a motorcade.  It was so cool!

There was a Spiderman statue on the roof!
We came to Korea because my sister Audrey needed to leave Japan to change her visa.  She needed to let the government of Japan know that she was no longer a student there but a tourist like us.  To do that she had to leave Japan and then come back.  The closest place for us to go was Korea so off we went.  I am excited because we get to go to the border of North and South Korea...also know as the most dangerous spot on earth!

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