Tuesday, July 3, 2012


A cemetery at a temple in Nagoya.

The Golden Temple in Kyoto

In front of a Pagoda.  A Pagoda is a multi-storied building near a temple.  It does not really serve a purpose except as something nice to look at!

The largest wood building in the world (it is also a temple).

This guy was in front of a temple.  Supposedly if you have a body part that hurts, you run the same body part on him, then rib your body part and you will be healed.

Most people in Japan are Buddhists.  That is a religion that worships Buddha.  Instead of going to a church to pray, the people go to temples.  They were quite beautiful and we visited lots of temples all over Japan!

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  1. Did I pop my head into literally every single one of your videos? Such beautiful pictures of the temples you took!